Roma Jewelry Of Cozumel - Thieves

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Never buy anything from these people. Fake Fake Fake.

Got ripped off $800. Roma Jewelry is the worst

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Roma Jewelry Of Cozumel - Buyer beware

Carretera Chancanab 18, Centro, 77600 San Miguel de Cozumel, Q.R., Mexico
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On a recent cruise to Cozumel Mexico I purchased what I was told was an authentic Mexican Fire Opal ring with white sapphires set in sterling silver which turned out to be fake. He asured me it was real and very good quality taking me outside to show how it glittered in the sun.

I asked if he would provide a letter of authenticity and he gave me a paper on Roma Jewerler International letter head with a discription of what he sold me. Back here in the states two jewelers told me it was not real. Very expensive lesson learned here.

That's it for buying anything else in Mexico. Major rip off.

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Roma Jewelry Of Cozumel - A ROMA customer taken to the cleaners by crooked, lying, good for nothing thieves claiming to be Mgrs, high pressuring on a Tanzanite ring purchase in beautiful Cozumel, Mexico.

Carretera Chancanab 18, Centro, 77600 San Miguel de Cozumel, Q.R., Mexico
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March 20, 2018, I strolled into ROMA Jewelry store. I was approached by a salesman named Gabriel which was a Mgr.

of this store. After being highly pressured to make a purchase, he sold me a lab created sapphire ring which was guaranteed to be a Tanzanite setting, on a sterling silver band. The original price was $1200.00 but he kept coming down on price to $600.00. I was not totally interested so he called another Mgr.

over to convince me I was getting a great deal. HIGH PRESSURE, HIGH PRESSURE from these disloyal, crooked, cheaters. They stand there and lie, lie, lie. Well, the ring we were discussing had another gem setting in it.

Gabriel told me he would put the finest, dark blue, beautiful Tanzanite setting in this particular ring. It was suppose to be sterling silver with authentic diamond chips. He told me to go do other shopping on the island and it would be ready for me to pick up in an hour. When I returned to pick up my ring, I was so disappointed in the color, cheap looking.

He said with other salesmen/women that it was so beautiful. I disagreed and I had to ask Gabriel for a receipt he reluctantly slopped one out. He knew my ship would be leaving in a short time. Gabriel told me I couldn't return it because I didn't spend $1000.00.

As soon as I arrived home, I had the ring appraised, and the $70.00 cost of the appraisal came back stating it was a lab created sapphire on a silver band worth $75.00. WHY do these people cheat the Americans like they do. They need to be thrown in jail to be such scammers and out of business. With the name of Gabriel you would think he would be a nice decent angel with his sales.

Also, Gabriel kept flashing a large, thick rolled amount of money bills to me that he had in his pocket. He told me he had a new expensive car around the corner. I filed a grievance with my bank, Bank of America and I received a letter in my computer that my claim was denied and for me to work it out with the merchant. So my bank doesn't protect me either.

What's a person to do with such businesses you trust and they don't care about their customers at all. END OF STORY: I lost $600.00 with an ugly dime store ring.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ring.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Sold me fake jewelry, Dishonest lier cheaters charged me 600 for a 75 ring.

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Roma Jewelry Of Cozumel - Dishonest

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Value for money

Paid $500 - Ring worth $25!

The Salesman at Roma sold me a ring; assured me it was a real pink sapphire - $500. Manufacturer Retail Price was $1,400.

I asked the man again if this is Lab Created Sapphire. He said "No, it's real, I don't lie". When I got home I took it to my jeweler.... The Jeweler reported in writing: This stone is Lab Created Pink Sapphire, set in .925 Sterling Silver and it is worth approximately $25.

I tried to call ROMA where I purchased the ring, and Phone number is not Connected.

Then I read the numerous complaints regarding this jewelery store. I too have a serious complaint, so I Disputed the charges on my Credit Card and was refunded $475.


Product or Service Mentioned: Ring.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $475.

Preferred solution: My Credit Card Company Settled Dispute.

I didn't like: Dishonest liers charged me 500 for a ring worth 25.

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First of all i would not even take a vacation to Mexico to give them any kind of money as a tourist .. Its so sad that these kind of people are allowed to get away with it and keep ripping people on these cruise ships .. If people would stop going there and giving them business then maybe they would appreciate the americans more..

Roma Jewelry Of Cozumel - Roma still a rippoff

Carretera Chancanab 18, Centro, 77600 San Miguel de Cozumel, Q.R., Mexico
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Value for money

We recently went on a cruise and this is the first time in 12 years we have met such sly pieces of poop people. Trust me...they have the system down.

Due to time limits we did a bit of shopping within the Pier Shopping limits. Long story short I got my wife a "mexican Fire Opal"....yea...sure. They knew it wa our 39th anniversary. They also sold a fake "ruby" to my brother in law.

These people have no limits....I thought I could trust them. Screw the Mexicans...I'm over it. I would think with the 80 thousand plus people all the cruise lines bring in every week that the ships would have the power to make sure no fakes were being sold at the pier. They should have more than enough clout to do that.

I see complaints from this store for years. well of course was a piece of glass, avoid at all costs.

They are nothing but low life theives ...nothing more. I will avoid Mexica from now on and if I go back I will probably beat someones ***.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Sold me fake jewelry.

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Roma Jewelry Of Cozumel - Roma Jewelry Cozumel Fake Earrings

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My sister and I and our husbands just returned from a Western

Carribbean Cruise on July 14, 2013. In Cozumel, we bought earrings that weresuppose to be diamond hoops. Yesterday, I took them to my Jeweler because a stone had fallen out. He stated, that they were cubic zirconic's set in silver and only worth about $100.00 dollars nothing more. We paid $416.00 dollars. I am so upset, these merchants are allowed

to use Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and other cards as

they continue to rip us off. THIS FRAUD MUST BE STOPPED. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!

Monetary Loss: $416.

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me vendieron una cadena que era supuestamente plata genuina y al mes de comprada se puso negra *** un costo de 110.00 dolares, es una pena que enganen al turista.

Roma Jewelry Of Cozumel - Sold me FAKE Tanzanite & Fake Topaz

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Just left Progresso and purchased a tanzanite ring, earrings, necklace and bracelet AND a topaz ring, earrings and necklace. These items were represented as 14K gold with 3A tanzanite stones.

Once I became suspicious, I checked with the jewelry specialist on board Carnival and was told that all of this is lab created cubic zirconia and (at best) silver instead of 14KGold.

I paid a few hundred in cash, which I know I will never see again, but I have contacted my bank to try to get my credit card charge of $1265 credited back to me. I am sick about this but will fight this to the finish!

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Luckily I just bought a loose stone but I'll get my pound of flesh. It will cost them way more than it cost me.

That was cute throwing in a pink topaz I should have known. Jeweler said worth about $20.

Ya paybacks are a "B". Headed for the tee shirt design store.

Roma Jewelry Of Cozumel - Fake Tanzanite Stones

Not resolved

I Also purchased a sterling silver Tanzanite ring for $200 at Roma Jewelers in Cozumel, they assured me it was real! Promised they were telling the truth!

The price started at $780 and I kept bartering! I should have known, something just didn't seem right! After I walked away and got back on the boat I noticed my stone was loose. I then knew I had messed up!

Thank God it was just $200 although I was still sick!

I let them take my money!!

In the states this ring is worth $35 because of the sterling silver! A real Tanzanite stone is too precious to be able to be set in Sterling, has to be Gold or White Gold!!

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Roma Jewelry Of Cozumel - F I A has closed out my complaint about jewelry bought in Cozumel, Mexico


We have been in contact with Card services since MArch 1,2008 trying to get our money $1600.00 from Roma Jewelry of COzumel Mexico for aTanzanite ring we bought Dec 22, 2007, that we found to be not real Tanzanite. We have returned the ring to Roma by registered U S mail, return receipt requested and Insured on May 21, 2008.

FIA wants proof of return rin, but Mexico has not sent us proof within the time limit FIA has given us even though I have told FIA by phone that we do not have the proof of Roma receipt of the ring in question.

Tthus We are pissed at FIA's rules of complaint policy. What to do but await the Mail system of Mexico and US for veryfying that the ring was returned to Roma Jewelry and we are entitled to $1600.00 asap.

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I bought a weeding ring and it's turning color, it hasn't been a month yet.

I paid 500.00 US dollar...

I want to exchange or get my money..

FO NOT BUY FROM ROMA JEWELRY INTERNATIONAL !!!! Plus one of the diamonds gone!!!

Houston, Texas, United States #1286716

I recently bought a ring and earrings from this place. Lost a stone from the ring before I even got back to the states and Sterling Silver which my invoice shows to be .925 already discolored.

After reading all the reviews....... The $250.00 I lost was nothing. I'm lost at what to do.

My sanity is worth more. I intend to mark it up as a hard lesson and NEVER AGAIN!

Overland Park, Kansas, United States #901165

yep, i got scammed too. tennis bracelet marked as white gold starting price 2,000.

I gladly paid 550 USD. googled the bracelet and its all of about 100 USD. *** ME. Feel really ***.

Perhaps they sleep well at night, perhaps not!

Think of it as a donation to feed hungry children.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #664109

Need an address for Roma Jewelers in C, Mexico if anyone has it.

to Donnamurphy302 #1403930

Carretera Chancanab 18, Centro, 77600 San Miguel de Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Phone: +52 987 989 6047

to Anonymous #1497466

Thank you these creeps cheated me.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #664106

I really need help with an address for Roma Jewelry so I can return fake jewelry purchased while on a cruise to the tune of $2500.00. My bank is also saying I need to return the jewerly certified mail. HELP!

to Donnamurphy302 #822320

Roma Jewelry 46 carr chankanab km 4 5 Cozumel mexico We have the same issue going on here. Rip off bigtime...disputing with CC company! Someone needs to put them out of business!!

to Donnamurphy302 #1462845

Did you manage to reach them? I just got back from a cruise yesterday and bought a ring for $1500- i just noticed a couple of the stones/diamonds are missing so i am trying to contact them but haven't had luck. Do you have a phone number?


I got my money back from Discover after much gnashing of teeth over 6 months. How they manage to stay in business is way beyond me after reading all the complaints.

It doesn't do much for PR visiting Cozumel.

I will never buy anything in Mexico again because of Roma Jewelers. Someone needs to put them out of business, they are crooks!


I also got caught! For $540.00 no less. Is Capital One helping me out? NO

Is Visa helping me out NO

They prefer to protect faudulent merchants than to support their customers.

Am I pissed? Yes I am

Do I wish I could do something YES

If anyone has gotten satisfaction, please let me know.

my e-mail

to Mickey Lavoie #648950

Capital One doesnt protect fraudulent merchants, ANY card issuer for Visa and Mastercard has federal regs as well as regs from Visa and Mastercard they have to follow, what loses disputes is customers who BS when they call Capital One and/or customers who cant/dont comply with the SPECIFIC doc requests that is 100% NEEDED to file and successfully win your dispute. Also maybe you should do some research before traveling to ANY country outside the U.S.

let alone a God forsaken POS country like Mexico...where have you been??

You honestly thought they are so forthcoming with truthful info in Mexico??? lmao....YOU lost your money no one else...Be an adult.


its well known if you ship to mexico use a carrier that is us controlled like say ups.

or similar.

its also well known the postal will take long long times to import items. did you a send all the proper papers for a item for export/import

still the postal guy carrying it might just be curious an poke around in your box an loose it. well known again.


Has anyone received their money back from Roma Jewelers in Cozumel? I wish I had seen this before my cruise last week.

I bought a ring for $200 and a matching pendant for $100 and the "sterling silver" began flaking and turning dark the night we left Cozumel....any advice would be greatly appreciated. I plan to dispute the charge with my credit card company...


I buy 1 set ring,pendant earings chain whit tanzanite shapphire and opal in gold but it is not gold its just stearling 925 if you have de telephone number give me please i wont call the personne at this jewelry



i have a similar situation with roma. do you have their phone number in cozumel, mexico?

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